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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and is one of the latest business models to hit the industry today. CRM shifts the current business paradigm of being "company-centric" to a more responsive "customer-centric" approach. CRM helps companies better understand their customers and provide services with ferocious proactive approach. This helps in retaining customers by improving satisfaction rate and view customer related data across various departments like Sales, Marketing etc. CRM can be structured to seamlessly integrate with company's back office or company's Enterprise Resource Panning (ERP) model enabling it to have a "360 degree view" of the customer and have a strong unified strategy geared towards its customers. CRM can also take advantage of an Internet-centric business model using electronic storefronts and self-services to expand global reach, shorten time to market, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Recent studies have shown that the CRM market has jumped from $2 billion to $18 billion market-segment in 5 years. With its current rate of growth CRM will dominate the market in the next 2 years and is poised to lead companies into the next generation of customer relationship.
CRM White Papers

This document first appeared in Defying the Limits: The CRM Project, A Thought Leadership Project from Montgomery Research, Inc., Sponsored by Accenture.

It includes an executive overview of the makeup of a CRM system, as well as advice for choosing a system, Key Benefits and Best Practices for successful implementation.

This 9-page document discusses the Surado CRM Sales module, including key features and benefits of opportunity assessment, pipeline management, quotes and proposals, up-selling and cross-selling, business process automation, revenue forecasting, competitor analysis, leads management, connecting mobile staff and reporting and analysis.

Increasing Sales (2.2 MB .PDF)
This 10-page document introduces Customer Self-Service and how using Surado Web Self-Service can increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase return on investments.

Surado Web Self-Service (2.2 MB .PDF)
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